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About Outlaws
The Game
This game i think is the best first person shooter i have ever seen. You can play either single player or multiplayer over modem or cable, with choice of characters from the single player game.
But you will have to learn to move fast because theres alot of gunslingers gone before ya.
The great thing about multiplayer is the great big selection of maps to play on so you never get bored can get your maps from great sites like palefaces place. Another good way to survive in multiplayer is to pick up the med bags and iron plates that are laying around, you need to learn where these are in a level then you will have more success. Also learn to strafe, i think you will find this is the most important thing to learn.

How i started BY Morpheus
My interest in Outlaws began when I saw it on the internet and tried to buy it but i couldnt find a copy, i had to search all the way to Canada and finally found it. Then when i started playing it i couldnt stop i was hooked, it was even more funny when i went on to multiplayer and i got slaughtered, had to learn to move fast or i wouldnt survive in a game 5 mins.

The Story

You play the part of James Anderson, retired Marshall. A robber baron is plotting to buy up all of the land in the county in anticipation of the arrival of the railroad. He's using some questionable techniques to get people to sell, to be sure. But when his men burn your farm, in the process killing your wife Hanna, and kidnap your daughter to force you to sell out the retired Marshall hits the revenge trail in earnest.

Each level of the game is preceded by a lengthy animated cut scene which moves the story forward. I didn't time them, but in total there is close to 15 minutes of animated cut scenes in Outlaws. The levels fit the story they are a part of well, and the story keeps you moving forward to see what will happen next. In the end, of course, its up to you to exact your final vengeance and recover your daughter Sarah.

This story driven approach is a breath of fresh air in the action gaming genre. The complete lack of back story or motivation in many first person shooters leaves me wanting more. Pure fragging has been sorely overdone. Here is hoping that Outlaws is the start of a new breed of shooters that provide us a context in which to exercise our itchy trigger fingers.

Game Play

In most respects Outlaws plays like any other first person shooter. But the differences are important. The first is that you don't have shields, multiple lives, or power ups to make you invincible. Nothing but your wits and some medical kits to heal your wounds. There are three levels of difficulty, appropriately named Good, Bad and Ugly. On the Ugly level a single shotgun blast will kill you. I found that refreshing indeed. You'll find you have to use caution, all available cover and have some luck to finish most of the levels on the Ugly difficulty setting.

There are a variety of weapons: revolver, rifle, shotgun, throwing knives, dynamite, and even a gatling gun. And unlike many shooters, in this game you have to reload. Your pistol has six shots, your shotgun but one. Use them up and you have to pause to reload. This adds to the tactical decisions you must make, especially in multiplayer games. The weapons are also realistic, you can't run around and fire the gatling gun. You must place it and then fire, just like in the real world. It has devastating fire power, but it can only be used in certain situations. Different weapons also have distinctly different effective ranges. The double barrel shotgun is devastating at short range for example, but you won't hit anything at longer distances.

Finally, this is one of the few games that has effectively implemented long range fire. Your rifle can be equipped with a scope, assuming you can find one, that allows you to see and target your opponents from extreme range. This allows you to play sniper without substantial risk to your frail body. This tactic is vital on several levels, especially on the higher difficulties settings. Just be sure to hoard your rifle ammunition for when you really need it!


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